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St Christopher’s The Hall Chess News Spring Term 2018

The Second Leg of the Champions League (Kent Region) Chess Tournament for Schools tool place on 10th March in Beckenham. Our very inexperienced team of Hugo Maxwell (captain), Harry Bruin, Christian Verazzo and Rosie Sharp tried their best against some very strong opposition to finish 25th out of 26 teams. All received well deserved medals for their performance.

The English Chess Challenge 2018 Tournament has concluded. This is an individual tournament where prizes are distributed depending on the points scored. The qualifiers for the next stage of the tournament subject to the organisers (CCF) confirmation are Michael Theodorou who won the tournament and will receive a trophy at semi-finals day. Also qualified are William Oakeley, Hugo Maxwell, Nicholas Theodorou, Haocheng Wang, Sebastian Williams, Harry Bruin, Joseph Picardo, Ollie Rollinson, Edward Thomas, Jack Wormald, Elliot Sherwood, Alexander Donnelly, Charlotte Cook and Rosie Sharp.

The Most Improved Player engraved medals for this term are awarded to Harry Bruin, Ollie Rollinson and Joseph Picardo.

Kevin Bailey

English Chess Federation Accredited Coach

Feedback from Governor Q&A Evening Print E-mail

The Governors would like to thank all those parents who submitted questions for the Q&A session and who attended on the night for what was a very useful and thoughtful session.

A brief synopsis of the positive and constructive discussion is set out below.

  • Role and operation of governing body

The Governors are volunteers who are the trustees of the charity which owns and operates the school. Most have a connection to the school, as former or current parents, and they have between them a wide range of professional backgrounds, which they look to use the for the benefit of the school. New Governors are appointed by recommendation, after a meeting with the Chair.

  • Need for a professional counsellor in school on a regular basis?

This is felt to be well covered by the existing staff, as they have close relationships with and good knowledge of the children in their classes, as well as appropriate training. External help would be sought if needed, on a case by case basis.

  • Communications

As well as improving communications between themselves and parents, with last year’s questionnaire and this meeting, the Governors have also been working to support the school in improving its communications with parents. As a result of feedback from the parent questionnaire, the school is now emailing letters home. A specialist schools website design company has been commissioned to create a new website for the school. As well as providing an up to date image of the school, this will present information for current parents in an easy to access manner. In the interim, parents will find a lot of helpful information, including staff email addresses, school policies etc, on the existing website.

  • Parental help in school

Parents already help on school trips and with transport to sports fixtures, which is much appreciated. Involvement with reading would require appropriate safeguarding checks and training in the school’s method for teaching reading. The library is going to be refurbished over the summer, thanks to the generosity of the SCA, and the potential opportunity for the involvement of parents to extend lunchtime opening hours will be considered as part of the library re-launch.

  • Provision of additional clubs

The school offers a wide range of extra curricular activities every afternoon and seeks new opportunities for the children, such as the Judo club, which will be starting after Easter; adding additional clubs would require consideration of availability of staff and facilities on top of that committed to existing clubs. The running of clubs before school would be difficult, as teachers require that time for lesson preparation.

  • Year 6 SATS testing

There are no plans to introduce SATS tests at the end of Year 6. Preparation for these tests would compromise the broad curriculum and emphasis on personal growth and development that characterises Year 6 at the school. For those children transferring to state secondary schools, which would normally receive a SATS score for new pupils, the staff liaise directly with the schools to ensure they have all the information they require on our pupils. The situation will, however, be kept under review, as Governors appreciate that the requirements of secondary schools and the nature of SATS tests changes.

  • Staff appraisal system

There is a formal system of appraisal for staff and all staff are encouraged and supported to undertake continuing professional development training, by, for example, attending courses, completing e-learning courses and visiting other schools.

  • Programme for able, gifted and talented

A register of able, gifted and talented children is maintained and is a recognition of the ability and hard work of these children. Members of staff are appointed as mentors for those with talent in the areas of sport and drama. Able and gifted children may be taken out in small groups for extension work and should be provided with the appropriate challenges in their class work. They, like all the pupils, benefit from the school’s extensive enrichment activities. The school’s full policy is available on the website.

  • Creative classroom and growth mindset

The school is aware of this current educational thinking and senior staff have visited a school which runs in this way. The approach has been introduced to the whole staff and its integration into the existing curriculum as appropriate is ongoing.

  • Role of gender in sports teaching

Children always have PE together and are taught dance, basketball, gymnastics etc in class groups. In swimming, children are grouped by ability rather than gender. In the Prep School, boys and girls are mainly taught separately for games, as this prepares them for the sports that are taught at the majority of secondary schools to which they transfer at Year 6. It also reflects how other schools organise their sport, thereby maximizing the opportunities for competitive fixtures. However, girls can and do represent the school at rugby and football and are welcome at the after school football club.

  • Scamps opening hours

Scamps’ hours will not be extended beyond 5pm, as this is felt to be a long enough day for young children. Later opening can also impact the school’s cleaning and locking up procedures.

  • Staff recruitment process

The TES would be used for senior staff recruitment, but other vacancies are often filled from local sources. The process is kept under review by the Governors.

Y2 Festival Success Print E-mail
Here are the groups that took part in, and won, their category at The Bromley Festival. Their group was called "Group Speaking, Year Two and Below" and the cup they won is called The Langdale Cup. The group as a whole performed two poems, with different groups of children reciting different parts of the poem to 'perform' it.
Conratulations Year 2!
Chris Organ
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