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Some would say a game of two halves, but in our case it seemed that when we won! We then slipped into a loss just after watching the England side play with confidence and flair. I can honestly say, that is what our boys can do. From knee high grasshoppers to who they are now, they have not forgotten how to approach every game. Tika Taka through the lines, pockets of space and third man running. Not in that order, but when they do it all you can say it is well done. The wins against Royal Russell, Farringtons and St. Dunstan’s were followed by extremely narrow defeats to Merton Court, Breaside and Bickley Park. These matches could easily have been wins with the proverbial bus difficult to get past. Our back 3 of Alex D, Harry McCandless and Edward Castle had aggression and skill with the energetic Jesse Derry and Oliver Ryland hunting and gathering in midfield. Ahead of them was hot shot Michael Theodorou and Joel “The Gazelle” Gordon.  Well done boys.

RESULTS                                                                 TOURNAMENTS

                                        A                  B                St. Dunstan’s Tournament

v Merton Court                  2-3                                   v Merton Court        2-3

v Royal Russell                 4-2                                   v St Dunstan’s B     7-1

v Farringtons                     4-1                                   v St.Dunstan’s C     11-0

v Breaside                        0-1               3-2               v Farringtons           5-0

v St. Dunstan’s                  4-0              11-1              v Colfe’s                 3-3

v Bickley Park                   1-2                                   v Oakfield ‘A’           7-0

                                                                                4th v 5th

                                                                                V Eltham                 1-6


The U10 ‘A’ team, throughout the term, played an exciting brand of football starting with defence with Kieran Gosrani, Luke Curtis and Ollie Bennett and more often than not finishing with Cassius Haye peppering the opponent’s goal with his right foot exocet missile. In midfield, Max Morgan and Riley Burnikell worked hard to secure possession and also to support the lone striker. In goal, Zeth Wanstall proved to be a great ‘shot stopper’ and confirmed to improve his distribution from the back.

Overall, results were middling with solid wins over Breaside and Colfe’s and disappointing losses to Farringtons, Royal Russell and Bickley Park.

The U10 team blossomed in the St. Dunstan’s 6 aside competition. The smaller pitch suited the teams ‘individual’ players and as a unit, the closing down process of the opposition. Results included 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Meanwhile the ‘B’ team laboured away with great enthusiasm. While results were generally negative, the boys refused to give in and battled to the end.

Well done to all the Year 5 boys.


What a delight it has been to take the U9s this term. Some of the football produced by the ‘A’ team has been simply breathtaking and well beyond their tender years.

In goal, Hector Rose has been characteristically ‘vocal’ and accurate with his distribution. Defenders Tom Gibbs, George Webb and, when available, Reggie Watson have been tenacious in defence and free flowing in surpposrt further up the pitch. In midfield, Nathaniel Sawyer and Joseph Picardo have played the role of wing backs very efficiently making a four formation while defending and a triangle in attack. Both Nicholas Theodorou and Cameron Anderson Green led the strike line with speed, guile and overall great success. Someone who has typified the character of the U9 team is Edward Thomas. Throughout the season, he has driven the team forward from the heart of midfield with surging runs and a variety of long and short distribution. In defence, he has tackled with ferocity and tracked back with lung-bursting runs. Overall Edward has been outstanding and a priceless member of the team.

Meanwhile the ‘B’s, while lacking positional awareness at times and tended to ‘hunt in packs’ for the ball, they should be commended on their determination and unfailing enthusiasm.

Victories for the ‘A’ team included wins against Breaside, Farringtons, Colfe’s, St. Dunstan’s, Blackheath Prep, Bickley Park and Rathfern School with one loss against Alleyn’s. Meanwhile, the highlight of the ‘B’ team season was a draw with Colfe’s and victory over Breaside.

Well done to all the boys.


Text book football always springs to mind when teaching and watching these boys perform. With determination and skill medals should be in their sights for the future. Our closest came at the Alleyn’s Tournament. Waltzing through all group matches and semi final until the final! Paul White in goal showed bravery and skill as a ball playing goal keeper. Reggie Watson and Ollie Rollinson patrolled in front marauding forward and striking from distance. Ces Bibby and Felix Ellis displayed composure and skill in the final third. Throughout, the B’s and C’s showed encouraging signs that are emerging, space and direction being our main tactics with goals from all areas of the pitch. Unfortunately many of our matches fell to the weather.


                              A                   B                       C

v Breaside             7-0              5-1                2-3

v Royal Russell       5-1               2-2                2-0

v Colfe’s                 4-0              0-6


ALLEYN’S                                             ST. DUNSTAN’S

v Alleyn’s                                              v Colfe’s                           10-0

v Rosendale            4-0                         v St. Dunstan’s ‘B’             4-0

v Heath House        4-0                         v Babington House            5-0

v Honeywell            4-0                         v Rathfern                         3-0

v Rosemead           3-0                         v Merton Court                  6-2

v Finton House        4-1                         v Eltham                           1-3

SEMI v Oakfield     4-0

FINAL v Rosendale 1-2

Well done to all Year 3 boys.

Easter Egg Competition Results Print E-mail


Thank you to everyone who entered the egg decorating competition.   There was the seasonal assortment of Easter chicks, bunnies. We have been able to donate £124.00 for the Barnardos charity – well done to everyone.


Yr. 6                       Year 6 Trip to France                   -         India Sparkes

Runner Up              Egg-gobi dessert                         -         Alex Donnelly

Yr. 5                       Egglians in space                        -         Zeth Wanstall

Runner Up              Eggerlant Easter                         -         Abigail Haddow

Yr. 4                       Royal Wegging                            -         Maia Fried

Runner Up              Cinderella’s Eggly sisters             -         Sophia Falero

Yr. 3                       Swimming Gala                           -         Harry Hutchinson

Runner Up              Eggyptians                                  -         Scarlett Absalom

Yr. 2                       Jungle                                         -         Ava-Grace Henriques

Runner Up              Faberge Eggs                             -         Mollie Bolter

Yr. 1                       Football stadium                          -         Otis & Zachary


Runner Up              Fish tank                                     -         Lexi Mullane

Reception              Beast from the East snowman      -         Belle Watford

Runner Up              Darth Vader                                -         Anthony Dempsey

UKG                       Unicorns                                     -         Sophia Henriques

Runner Up              Minions                                       -         Felix Hilder

LKG                       Easter chick                                -         James Hebb

Runner Up              Nemo & Dory                              -         Eva Lindsey

Headmaster’s Choice


Lower School          Penguin Island        -         Mabel Rose

Prep School            Unicorns                 -         Amelia Barrow

End of Term Certificates - Lent 2018 Print E-mail


6H                ATTAINMENT                   India Sparkes

                    EFFORT                           Joel Gordon

                    COURTESY                      Alex Donnelly

6R                ATTAINMENT                   Roman Coates

                    EFFORT                           Elliot Sherwood

                    COURTESY                      Issy O’Sullivan

5W               ATTAINMENT                   Chloe Masson

                    EFFORT                           Samuel Lawson

                    COURTESY  &

PROGRESS                     Abigail Haddow


5I                 ATTAINMENT                   Sreya Vegasana

                    EFFORT                           Emma Myatt

                    COURTESY                      Daniel Bower

4A                ATTAINMENT                   Jessica Shiu

                    EFFORT                           Ruby Barrow

                    COURTESY                      Edward Thomas

4B                ATTAINMENT                   Lexi Bull

                    EFFORT                           Joseph Picardo

                    COURTESY                      Anna Paulides

3JP              ATTAINMENT                   Haocheng Wang

                    EFFORT                           Harry Bruin

                    COURTESY                      Aya Tolvin

3B                ATTAINMENT                   Rosie Sharp

                    EFFORT                           Ollie Rollinson

                    COURTESY                      Sophia Hamoda

2A                PROGRESS                     Mojola Tomori

                    EFFORT                           Keenan Hanson Amissah

                    COURTESY                      Alara Sami

2O                PROGRESS                     Ava-Grace Henriques

                    EFFORT                           Alyena Watford

                    COURTESY                      Matilda Morgan

1W               PROGRESS                     Max Kimber

                    EFFORT                           Lillie Richards

                    COURTESY                      Melody Lindsey

1J                 PROGRESS                     Florence Vernon

                    EFFORT                           Bella Watson

                    COURTESY                      Digby Harman

RC               PROGRESS                     Adriano Bibby

                    EFFORT                           Lucy Junginger

                    COURTESY                      Lyla Allen-Page

RW               PROGRESS                     Belle Watford

                    EFFORT                           Kiera Edwards

                    COURTESY                      Ava Falero

YEAR 6 COMPUTING                           Ella Thompson

YEAR 6 DRAMA                                   Henry Presland

YEAR 6 MUSIC                                     Charlotte White

YEAR 6 SPORT – BOYS                       William Oakeley

YEAR 6 SPORT – GIRLS                      Beth Egan

YEAR 6 FRENCH                                  Evie Hance

YEAR 5 COMPUTING                           Oliver Newell

YEAR 5 DRAMA                                   Lucia Hedges

YEAR 5 MUSIC                                     Alice Sharp            

YEAR 5 SPORT – BOYS                       Kieran Vyas Gosrani        

YEAR 5 SPORT – GIRLS                      Anais Gauthier                 

YEAR 5 FRENCH                                  Hugo Maxwell

YEAR 4 COMPUTING                           Ruby Barrow

YEAR 4 DRAMA                                   Ben Ashcroft

YEAR 4 MUSIC                                     Nathaniel Sawyer   

YEAR 4 SPORT – BOYS                       Hector Rose           

YEAR 4 SPORT – GIRLS                      Freya McCandless

YEAR 4 FRENCH                                  George Castle


YEAR 3 COMPUTING                           Toby Richards        

YEAR 3 DRAMA                                   Amelia Coombs-Organ

YEAR 3 MUSIC                                     Martha O’Grady

YEAR 3 SPORT – BOYS                       Harry Hutchinson   

YEAR 3 SPORT – GIRLS                      Phoebe Tomlin       

YEAR 3 FRENCH                                  William Watford


YEAR 2 COMPUTING                           Thomas Hedges

YEAR 2 DRAMA                                   Eva Kimber

YEAR 2 MUSIC                                     Chloe Picardo        

YEAR 2 SPORT – BOYS                       Sam Porritt

YEAR 2 SPORT – GIRLS                      Mollie Bolter

YEAR 2 FRENCH                                  Tom Grainger

YEAR 1 COMPUTING                           Caelen Hanson-Amissah  

YEAR 1 DRAMA                                   Cian Eagle-Service

YEAR 1 MUSIC                                     Poppy Cole

YEAR 1 SPORT – BOYS                       Oscar Davy  

YEAR 1 SPORT – GIRLS                      Arabella Williams

YEAR 1 FRENCH                                  Anya Anand

REC COMPUTING                      Charles Doble

REC DRAMA                    Emma Jones

REC MUSIC                               Adriano Bibby        

REC SPORT – BOYS                  Daniel Watson

REC SPORT – GIRLS                 Emily Morris 

REC FRENCH                             Daniel Douglas

Silver, Sapphire and Gold Stars - March 2018 Print E-mail

Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded a Silver Star for Improvement –

6R – Alex Oakeley – work on algebra which showed good results, faster pace and a high level of accuracy – Mathematics

6H – Alex Donnelly - work on algebra which showed good results, faster pace a high level of accuracy and confidence – Mathematics

6H – India Sparkes – work on a timetabling exercise, interpreting hard questions with aplomb – Mathematics

6H – Zoe Dreaneen – excellent results and completion of the EnglishType Test 1 & 2 – English / Computing

6R – Michael Theodorou – effort in lessons, developing a sense of character through speaking clearly and with an appropriate accent – Drama

6H – Joel Gordon – care and detail applied to recording of work on Healthy Living – Science

5I – Emma Myatt – confidence within lessons leading to increased participation in the oral work, inclusive of good pronunciation and more care in the written tasks – French

4B – Aimee Buchanan - excellent results and completion of the EnglishType Test 1 & 2 – English / Computing

3B – James Doyle – dedication in written tasks showing increased commitment and accuracy – English

3B – Reggie Watson – thoughtful and considered work on the Food Chain – Science

3B – Toby Richards – thoughtful and accurate work on the Food Chain – Science

3B – Sophia Hamoda - thoughtful and accurate work on the Food Chain – Science

3B – Florence Holman – accuracy, commitment and dedication in written work showing increased accuracy working with Time – Mathematics

3JP - Heindra Dissanayake – confidence in written tasks showing improved accuracy – Mathematics

3JP – Ben Junginger - confidence in written tasks showing improved accuracy – Mathematics

3JP – Harry Bruin – fluidity and accuracy in handwriting style – English

1W – Maxi Kimber – progress and effort in handwriting – English

1J – Charlie Hutchinson – perseverance and progress in reading – English

1J – Florence Vernon – for confidence in reading and independent writing – English

1J – Oscar Davy – excellent poetry, super handwriting and confidence when reading – English

1J – Caelen Hanson Amissah – significant steps-forward when handwriting, reading and in Mathematics – English/Mathematics

Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded a Sapphire Star for Consistency

6H – Oliver Ryland – Music and especially in choir

6H – Hugo Byford – Group Maths

6H – Summere Rose Smith – Group Maths

6R – Charlotte White – in all subjects taught by Mrs Rudge

6R – Beth Egan – Group Maths

6R – Angelina Li - in all subjects taught by Mrs Rudge

6R – Roman Coates - in all subjects taught by Mrs Rudge

6R – Charlotte White - Music and especially in Senior Choir

6R – Finlay Butler – Mathematics

6R – Charlotte White – Drama

6H – Lucy Porritt – Science

6H – Edward Castle – Science

5W – Oliver Bennett – Music and especially in Senior Choir

5I – Alice Sharp - Music and especially in Senior Choir

5I – Sreya Vegasana - Music and especially in Senior Choir

5W – Laura Sullivan – French

5I – Luke Curtis – English and especially spelling

3JP – Martha O’Grady – Handwriting

3B – Hannah Griffin – French

3B - Anya Coutinho – French

3B – Anya Coutinho – Humanities

3B – Hannah Griffin – Humanities

3B – Ollie Rollinson - English

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