St. Christopher's The Hall School
Independent Preparatory School for Boys and Girls 3-11 in Beckenham

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Rugby often has the mud, rain and wind whipping around us for hours, but on Friday 5th October 2018 the sun was blazing, leaving spectators nursing redness of sunburn. This was coupled with an amazing standard of Rugby. Nine schools looking to compete for the trophy in two groups of round-robin fixtures. The U11s started off with a gutsy battle against Bickley Park. relinquishing the ball to often allowed Bickley to dominate and take the spoils. For our boys the next venture was Farrington's. Sometimes in Rugby the ball can become a bar of soap and this was the case for us. Contact not being our favourite part of the game but also, as they are aware, an important part of the game, it was often what let us down. Our final fixture was versus Meron Court. At last we scored our first try of the afternoon with Cassius Haye finally using his blistering speed to break through. However, another loss dampened any chance of a final revival. The main final was between Bickley Park and Trinty. A tough contest that swayed from one team to another. Eventually Bickley Park shone through and won , 2 tries to 1.
Well done to all the boys who took part and many thanks to all those that came to watch.
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