St. Christopher's The Hall School
Independent Preparatory School for Boys and Girls 3-11 in Beckenham

Welcome Back! Letter from the Headmaster. Print E-mail

Welcome back to the start of the new academic year! During the holiday period much building and refurbishing activity took place. The highlight is the fantastic Prep School Library, which has been decorated and reconfigured to include computers and a trophy display cabinet. Our thanks goes to Mrs Rudge for her input and to the very generous SCA who funded the project. The Lambie Library will be a great addition to the facilities offered at the school. In addition, the Y6 classrooms and adjacent hallway, Drama & Music rooms and staffroom have been decorated and, where applicable, have been refurnished. The Old Hall has also been updated in the programme of works with new lighting. Exterior works have included the re-laying of paving slabs along with a comprehensive drainage system. Unfortunately the Netball Courts remain unfinished through no fault of the School, works were delayed throughout the holidays, resulting in a tardy completion date (approximately 20th September). In the interim, the grass pitch will be used by the Prep School at playtime and for afternoon games.

I extend a warm St. Christopher’s welcome to Mrs Michelle Dodd who will take charge of 1D. I take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs Dodd, née Martin, who was married in the Summer holidays and I am delighted that she has joined our team. I would also like to wish the newly appointed Heads of Lower School, Mrs Wanstall and Mrs West, good luck for a productive and enjoyable term.

A polite reminder that Summer Uniform will be worn until half-term unless weather becomes inclement, Prep. afternoon games will be Netball and Rugby (gum-shield required) and that the Year groups swimming this term are Y2, Y3 and Y4. A comprehensive list of dates and fixtures will be forwarded in due course but I bring to your attention the following;

19th September – Parents’ Evening – Rec, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 & Y5

17th October – Parents’ Evening – KG & Y6

6th December – Carol Service – Y2-Y6

I look forward to greeting you all at the gate on Wednesday morning.

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