St. Christopher's The Hall School
Independent Preparatory School for Boys and Girls 3-11 in Beckenham

Silver and Gold Stars - February 2018 Print E-mail

Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded a Silver Star for Outstanding Improvement - 

6H - Hugo Byford - for care in phrasing and presentation and for reviewing his own writing, producing a Balanced Argument about the need for children to wear uniform which was  written effectively- English

6H - Florence Merrick - for drawing on more mature phrasing and for developing ideas convincingly in a written Balanced Argument about the need for homework - English

6R - Beth Egan - for writing a description of her town utilising previously learnt language with a good level of accuracy - French

6H - Lucy Rogers - for drawing on powerful vocabulary in a modern version of Shakespeare's work, entitled 'The Seven Ages of Woman' - English

6R - Rachael Collins - for an inspired piece of writing based on Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man called 'All the world's a prison' - English

6H - India Sparkes - for completing EnglishType Junior course, with an accuracy of 92% - Computing/English

5W - Lexi White - for commitment, hard work and positive attitude with significant steps forward in Nessy Spelling and Nessy Reading - English

5W - Riley Burnikell - for detail, style and care in pencil drawing in a picture of Charles II - Art

5I - Luka Pavey - for detail, thought and care in his own version of a Willow Pattern - Art

4B - William Musgrave - for recall, concentration and awareness of number formation - French

3JP - Jack Wormald - for confidence in class discussion and when challenged to articulate his thoughts verbally - English

3B - Ryan Zhaeentan - for confidence in class, volunteering answers and reading aloud with a beautiful accent - French

3JP - Felix Ellis - for developing a positive approach to comprehension and for increasingly detailed answers - English

3JP - Coralie Pavey - for showing increased understanding when undertaking comprehension exercises - English

3JP - Martha O'Grady - for showing increased determination in comprehension exercises resulting in more detailed answers - English

2A - Charlotte Sullivan - for showing thought, care and a greater understanding of Coding - Computing

2A - Annabel Rogers - for showing thought, care and a greater understanding of Coding - Computing

2O - Alyena Watford - for using a good range of command words and details given, with a sense of humour - English

2A - Mojola Tomori - for answering carefully and completing the set exercise - English

1W - Lauren Griffin - for showing a greater understanding of Coding - Computing


Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded a Gold Star for Outstanding - 

5I - Hugo Maxwell - for inspration and single-minded determination in his quest to create 'Christopher's News' - English/Computing

4A - Jessica Shiu - for a timed piece of writing inclusive of many of the grammatical features covered this year and brimming with imagination - English

1W - Giles Maxwell - for breadth of material, accuracy, challenge and quantity of books when reading - English