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Our intrepid and talented choir were very excited to be invited to perform in the Barbican at the Young Supporters Concert on Monday, 5th February. We left at 8.30am on two coaches and were there by 10am, weighed down by packed lunches and teas. It was a tight fit on the stage and, after two hours of hard rehearsing, the children were ready for their lunch. After being pestered by pigeons as we dined outside, Mr Iles took us on a guided tour around the Barbican so that we had a chance for some exercise. The afternoon was another long rehearsal although we were now more comfortable in the padded seats in front of the stage. Then came tea and a quick change into rather fetching T-shirts, ready for the performance. Two of our number had been chosen to sing solos after their audition videos were sent to the conductor -  India Sparkes and Zoe Dreaneen - our very own Dorothy and Eliza!  On the day itself, Angelina Li stepped up to the mark when asked to add a descant part to one of the Matilda songs. We all felt so proud when they took centre stage. All in all, the choir sang brilliantly and I was thrilled with their performance. Special mention to William Musgrave, whose inspired artwork was included in the actual programme! Many thanks to Miss Atkinson, Mr Iles, Miss Arnott and Mrs Rudge who accompanied us...and to all who remained behind to continue as normal at school. Thanks also to all of the supportive parents who came to see the concert – even those equipped with light-sabers. Now...where shall we sing next?!

James Mobbs


So once again many thanks to you all thank you to the teachers who emailed me saying they had a great time. A formal certificate and letter will be sent out to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards


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There is a link here to the official photographer's website -