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French Theatre Visit Print E-mail
Theatre Group visits St.Christopher's
Today Years 4-6  were treated to a visit from the Onatti theatre company who performed 'Ticket pour l'espace'.
It was great fun with lots of interaction and hilarity. The energy and enthusiasm of the actors totally engaged the children in the story which was told in a mixture of French and English.
'That was great,' said one Year 5 ,'and I understood loads of French.' 
Pas mal eh?
Madame Colwell
Next Term's Charity Details - from Mrs Purton Print E-mail

Our charity next term will be Fight for Sight. These are the details and contacts for it. 
Beth Joy
Events & Community Officer
DD: 020 7264 3919  T: 020 7264 3900
18 Mansell Street, London E1 8AA    
Please find the website on the link below - 
Thank you for your support,
Mrs Purton


Silver, Sapphire and Gold Stars - November 2018 Print E-mail

Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded a Silver Star for Improvement this month –

6R – Oliver Newell – greater determination, self-belief and understanding – French

6R – Alexander Nyeko-Olam – application, participation, depth of interest and understanding – French

6H – Emma Myatt – significant progress, with particular thought and care applied to written recording – Science

6R – Alex Spragg – focus, attention and a newly found confidence – Mathematics

6R – Zeth Wanstall – determination, focus and accuracy – Mathematics

6H – Max Morgan – focus, determination and accuracy – Mathematics

6R – Lexi White – accuracy of recording and a real step forward in handwriting – Science

6H – Daniel Bower – confidence and accuracy of pitch when singing – Music

6H – Hannah Chamadia – confidence and accuracy of pitch when singing – Music

6R – Kieran Gosrani – use of persuasive language in a letter – English

6R – Oliver Styles – detail, care and determination in comprehension – English

5W – Joseph Picardo – in touch – typing, completing EnglishType Course – Computing / English

1J – Freddie Joyner – Collins – use of super adjectives in written work - English

Congratulations to the following child who have been awarded a Sapphire Star for Consistency this month –

5I – Saskia Austin - RE

Congratulations to the following child who has earned a Gold Star for Outstanding work this month –

6H – Isabelle Traynier – for being part of the British Biathlon Champion Team

6R - Anaïs Gauthier - for being part of the British Biathlon Champion Team

6R – Laura Sullivan - for being part of the British Biathlon Champion Team

5I – Jessica Shiu – for success in the National British Biathlon

5I – Nathaniel Sawyer – for success in the National British Biathlon

Senior Choir - Memories of the Albert Hall - with official photograph link Print E-mail

The Senor Choir took part in the Barnardo's Young Supporters Concert in the Albert Hall on Monday, 26th November. They arrived at 10.30 am and left at 9.45pm, after a very full day indeed. The children behaved impeccably and sang out with gusto songs from La La Land, The Greatest Showman and Frozen, amongst others. Special mention of our soloists Nell Bruin, Lucia GraneyAnaïs Gauthier, Abigail Haddow and Daniel Bower (who stood in on the day for a sadly unwell Oliver Bennett).  They performed with aplomb and as if they were unphased to be singing in front of 5000 people! Thanks to Mr Iles, Miss Arnott and Mrs Rudge who chaperoned the children for the day. Thanks also to all of the parents who came to support us.

All in all an extremely busy, memorable and happy day!

Official photographs are available from - 

Please email Bill Hiskett for the password.


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