St. Christopher's The Hall School
Independent Preparatory School for Boys and Girls 3-11 in Beckenham

Year 6 Pupils’ Destinies, 2010 Print E-mail

The following pupils are to be congratulated on their successes in passing the relevant competitive examinations for entry to Independent and Grammar Schools this year and on the award of the following places:-

WILLIAM BAKER Farrington’s, Wickham Court
EDWARD BROOK Eltham College, Trinity, Royal Russell, Langley Park School for Boys
JOSEPH BROOKE Eltham College, Colfe’s, St. Dunstan’s
THOMAS BUCKLE Whitgift (Sports Scholarship), Eltham College, Langley Park School for Boys
SAMUEL DORE Trinity (Sports Scholarship), Dulwich, Eltham College (Academic Scholarship)
BETHANY ELLIS Royal Russell, Langley Park School, Bromley High
CHARLOTTE GARRETT Combe Bank (Academic/Art Scholarship), Bromley High
OLIVIA HUDSON Royal Russell, Babington House
JAKE HUTCHINGS Whitgift, Eltham College
ESTHER KEEGAN Croydon High, Walthamstow Hall, Bromley High
SASHA LORD Langley Park School for Boys
CATRIONA McSORLEY J.A.G.S, Croydon High (deemed of Grammar School calibre by Bexley L.E.A. and Kent L.E.A. (Academic Scholarship), Bromley High
LUCY PAINTER Sydenham High
EMMA PEDUZZI J.A.G.S., Bromley High (Academic Scholarship), Sydenham High
LUKE SHAW Ravenswood, Colfe’s
AMBER WARD Langley Park School for Girls
TAYLOR ARNOLD-LEE Colfe’s, Royal Russell, Ravenswood
GEMMA BELL Langley Park School, Sydenham High
WILLIAM BEVERIDGE Eltham College, Colfe’s,
FRASER COMPTON Trinity (Academic Scholarship), Dulwich College, Eltham College (Academic Scholarship), Whitgift
GEORGINA DAVENPORT J.A.G.S,, Bromley High, Sydenham High
MORGAN EVANS Eltham College, Colfe’s, Royal Russell
OWEN FINNIE Trinity (Academic Scholarship)
ISABELLE GEORGE Croydon High, Hayes School
ISABELLE HANN Bromley High, Sydenham High, Bullers Wood
SAMUEL HARLEY Trinity, Eltham College, Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar
ELEANOR JEFFERY Sydenham High (Sports Scholarship), Bromley High
THOMAS MARTIN Eltham College (Academic Scholarship), Royal Russell (Academic Scholarship), Trinity, Bishop Justus
FRANCESCO PITZALIS Eltham College (Academic Scholarship), Trinity (Academic Scholarship), Dulwich College (Academic Scholarship)
ISABELLA SELL Woldingham, Bromley High, Sydenham High
AMY TOMLINSON Langley Park School

School underlined = school at which place has been accepted.
14 Scholarships awarded including Academic and Sports.


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